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Trip Report

"According to John Neff in Katahdin: An Historic Journey, the North Peaks route was used to ascend Katahdin as far back as 1847. The trail was first cut in 1885, then recut again several times in subsequent years. When it was reopened last year, I..."

-David Colborne – North Peaks Trail Trip Report  

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…said premises shall forever be used for public park and recreational purposes, shall forever be left in the natural wild state, shall forever be kept as a sanctuary for wild beasts and birds…

~ Governor Percival P. Baxter, Deed of Trust, March 3, 1931

Friends of Baxter State Park is an independent citizen group with a mission to preserve, support, and enhance the wilderness character of Baxter State Park in the spirit of its founder, Governor Percival Baxter.

Our Goals:

Preserve, restore and enhance Baxter State Park’s wilderness values and recreational resources through advocacy, education, volunteerism, funding, and partnerships.

Engage an active corps of outdoor advocates, conservationists, recreationists, and volunteers, including the next generation, in using, appreciating, and stewarding the Park “in the right unspoiled way.”

Strengthen the organization by effectively engaging and expanding board, staff, and volunteer resources so Friends of Baxter State Park has greater capacity and leadership to carry out its work.

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