Photo Credit: Glenn LeBlanc

New Children’s Book about Percival Baxter

[March 16, 2021]

Barbara DeVito Bourgoine, a retired literacy teacher from Readfield, Maine, has a long history of visiting Baxter State Park. Bourgoine has channeled her love for the Park into an amazing children’s book called Percy’s Patience: The Story of Governor Baxter and Baxter State Park. Young Percy Baxter dreamed of a better world and exhibited great perseverance throughout his life. Baxter State Park, his great gift to the people of Maine, is a result of his determination and his patience.

A wonderful biography for children as young as six, it can be enjoyed by kids up to sixth grade due to the unique format. Each page is footnoted so you can read the narrative for its own sake, or slow down to absorb “fun facts.” The book includes a timeline, maps, portraits, and references that will intrigue older readers. Delightful illustrations by Jemelie Deering Bessette help to make this book a very special tribute to Governor Percival Baxter. Friends is proud to sell this wonderful new book in our online store.