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Bissell Brothers is helping to ‘Preserve and Protect’ Baxter State Park

[June 17, 2019]

Bissell Brothers Brewing is now donating a percentage of sales of its Preserve and Protect beer to support Baxter State Park. The Portland-based brewery has pledged to contribute at least $5,000 annually to Friends of Baxter State Park in support of our work.

Preserve and Protect is an India pale ale featuring Simcoe, Citra, and Denali hops that was brewed as a tribute to Jensen Bissell, who served as director of Baxter State Park from 2006 – 2018. The can features a drawing of Jensen Bissell and Percival Baxter standing together in profile with Katahdin in the background. Jensen Bissell is the father of Peter and Noah Bissell, the founders of Bissell Brothers Brewing. He is actively involved in the operation of the brewery’s Three Rivers location in Milo.

Thanks to his father, Noah Bissell made a connection with Baxter State Park at a young age. "The magic contained in the park was apparent to me even when my dad started to take me as a young boy. I think that same magic helped my wife say ‘yes’ when I proposed to her on Katahdin's Cathedral Trail."

For Peter Bissell, helping to steward the park is just the right thing to do: "Baxter State Park has existed on a foundation of generosity and love of Maine's natural resources from the beginning, starting with Percival Proctor Baxter's gift, and on down through the stewards tasked with keeping that gift going in perpetuity, our father having recently completed his life's work in this role. It is because of these things that we must do our part to ensure Baxter State Park's continued success as a natural sanctuary and gem of the state of Maine."

That’s a goal that Bissell Brothers shares with Friends of Baxter State Park. The Belfast-based organization has active programs in trail work, youth leadership, advocacy, search and rescue support, volunteerism, publications, and outreach. One of its main programs is the Baxter Youth Conservation Corps, which hires youth from the Katahdin region for well-paid summer jobs doing trail work in Baxter State Park. This program is now providing about $50,000 in payroll to the local economy, as well as 2,400 hours of donated trail support to Baxter State Park annually. Twenty local teenagers will be employed in the program this summer.

Aaron Megquier, Executive Director of Friends of Baxter State Park, is very enthusiastic about the partnership. “This partnership with Bissell Brothers will be a huge help in our efforts to support Baxter State Park. Preserve and Protect is one of my favorite beers, and it tastes even better when you realize that every can is helping to protect a place that means so much to the people of Maine.”

The next release date for Preserve & Protect is scheduled for Thursday, June 20. Bissell Brothers Brewing Company is located at 4 Thompsons Point, Suite 108 in Portland, Maine.

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Preserve & Protect
Peter Bissell (left) and Noah Bissell (right)