Photo Credit: Ken Jordan

Baxter State Park Issues Response to Hydro-Quebec Ad

[February 29, 2020]

In response to a two-page advertisement from Hydro-Quebec featuring Baxter State Park, which ran in Maine newspapers Friday, February 28, Baxter State Park Director Eben Sypitkowski issued a statement Saturday pointing out that it had “no affiliation with Hydro Quebec” and was not consulted in the making of the ad. 

The Park's response reads: 

Baxter State Park - On Friday, February 28, the Hydro-Quebec Maine Partnership placed a
full-page, paid advertisement in several Maine newspapers depicting part of Katahdin in Baxter
State Park and part of the Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier. Baxter State Park has no
affiliation with Hydro Quebec, or the Hydro Quebec Maine Partnership, and was not consulted
regarding that advertisement. Baxter State Park has no position on any Hydro Quebec project,
or Central Maine Power’s proposed NECEC project.