Photo Credit: Ardis Hacker

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New Permit System for AT Thru-hikers[June 1, 2016]

Baxter State Park recently announced a new permit system for Appalachian Trail (AT) thru-hikers for summer 2016. Park staff have been raising concerns about increasing thru-hiker numbers and declining behavior for several years. Our cover story in the summer 2015 issue of Forever Wild provided some background on these issues. Here are the key details of the new permit system: All northbound, section, and flip-flop AT thru-hikers entering Baxter State Park in 2016 must obtain an...

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Friends hosts 2016 Annual Meeting[April 2, 2016]

On April 2, Friends held its Annual Meeting on a lovely spring day at Viles Arboretum in Augusta. This event is always a celebration of good work, an inspiration for work yet to be done, and a chance to gather with fellow members to share stories and enthusiasm about the Park. This year was no exception. After morning coffee and muffins, President Dick Klain brought the meeting to order with a brief synopsis of the year’s many accomplishments, membership growth, and financial...

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Friends launches outreach campaign to AT hikers[April 1, 2016]

For over 80 years, Katahdin has been the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail (AT). Reaching the summit of Maine’s greatest mountain has taken on a near-mythical significance for northbound thru-hikers. The vast majority of thru-hikers celebrate the end of their 2,185-mile journey responsibly, with a sense of reverence for a very special place. A small but growing number of thru-hikers are finishing the trail in a way that negatively impacts the Park's wilderness...

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Friends hosts hike for Great Maine Outdoor Weekend[February 19, 2016]

With members in every corner of Maine – and spread out across most of the United States and Canada – Friends has been making an effort to host more regional events near where our members live. On February 15, we hosted a snowshoe hike on Ragged Mountain in midcoast Maine as part of Great Maine Outdoor Weekend.  Please stay tuned for more regional events in 2016! ...

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