Photo Credit: Eben Sypitowski

2021 Sign Auction Now Underway

[November 17, 2021]

Our annual Friends of Baxter State Park sign auction is now underway! This year’s auction includes 16 signs from favorite spots like Sentinel Mountain and Katahdin Lake, as well as the Freezeout Trail, Wadleigh Brook, and Mount OJI. 

This year's auction also includes two other very special items: a set of vintage felt pennants from the early years of Baxter State Park, and the terrain model of Katahdin that was formerly installed on the porch of the Ranger Station at Katahdin Stream. This model was used by hundreds of thousands of hikers over the past several decades to plan their climbs of Katahdin. It was taken out of service in late 2017 when Friends of Baxter State Park donated nine new 3D terrain models to the Park. 

Friends will donate 50% of the auction proceeds directly to Baxter State Park, and 50% of the proceeds will support our programs. The auction opened at 10:00 am on November 8, and it closes at 10:00 pm on December 2.  It's quick and easy to place a bid online. Click here to visit the online auction and check out available items.