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There are many ways of supporting Friends of Baxter State Park and helping to preserve the wilderness character of Baxter State Park. Note that a donation is not the same as membership and will not result in member benefits such as the Newsletter, notices about events, action alerts, or discounts. If you want these benefits please join us. A donation is simply a one time gift or an extra gift beyond membership dues that we will use in the endowment fund or for a special project. FBSP is a 501C organization therefore your contribution is tax deductible. You will receive an acknowledgement of your donation for your records. For more information, please contact Friends of Baxter State Park, P.O. Box 322, Belfast, ME 04915


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You can donate on-line or you can send us a check

Simply make out your check to "Friends of Baxter State Park" and mail it to the address above. You may print out a contribution form. Your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Matching Gifts.
Some employers offer to match the charitable gifts that their employees make. If your company has this policy, contact your employer’s benefits office to obtain the necessary instructions.

A donation to FBSP is a fitting way to honor a loved one or show your appreciation for someone’s outstanding service. You can make this donation on line (button) or by mailing a check. Please let us know in who’s name this donation is being made and who the main contact person is. You can enter that information on the on-line form or send us a separate email at admin@friendsofbaxter.org. Otherwise include a note with your check.


Planned giving techniques allow you to make charitable gifts at a future date. They also enable you or your family to retain the use of the asset in the meantime. This can meet your estate planning needs and fulfill your charitable intentions. If you would like to explore deferred gift options, contact FBSP’s Treasurer to obtain more information or to arrange a time to talk at your convenience. We recommend that you also discuss your plans with your attorney or financial advisor who can advise you in light of your individual circumstances.

A bequest – providing for FBSP in your will – is perhaps the simplest form of planned gift. In most cases, the language to include is brief and straightforward, such as:

"I hereby give Friends of Baxter State Park, a Maine nonprofit organization, a bequest of $_____ to be used for its general charitable purposes."

Please be sure to let us know about your decision, so your gift can be properly acknowledged.

Qualified Pension Plans.
Designating FBSP as the beneficiary to your IRA, Keogh, or other qualified pension plan can have significant tax benefits to you and your survivors. Assets in these plans accumulate without being taxed but when they are distributed, substantial taxes can result. Designating a charity as the beneficiary of the plan, while leaving other types of assets to surviving family members, can maximize your ability to provide for both your family and the charity.

Life Insurance.
Life insurance can be used to maximize the power of the charitable gifts you can afford to make. It can also be a versatile wealth replacement tool for estate planning. For instance, if you purchase a life policy on your life and name FBSP as the owner and the beneficiary, all premiums you pay are tax deductible gifts, and upon your death the Trust will receive the full benefits of the policy. Additionally, the cash value of the policy, accumulating over time, can be accessed should the charity need it.

Life Income Gifts.
There are a variety of life income gifts you may wish to consider. Life income gifts typically provide income to the donor, a gift to the charity, and both income and estate tax benefits as well. The various kinds include charitable remainder trusts, pooled income funds, charitable lead trusts, and revocable charitable remainder trusts. All are powerful philanthropic tools. Please call FBSP if we can help you in this process.

Gifts of Securities.
Ask your financial advisor about the tax benefits of donating appreciated securities to FBSP. Should you wish to make a gift of stock, please call the Treasurer for transfer instructions.